Monday, July 28, 2008

Mammoth '08

Our trip to mammoth was great! Nothing is better in life than being in the Easter Sierras! Even better than Arizona Heather ha ha. Well anyways many memorable things occurred Riley's wife Breanne Elise and I and Emerson saw a momma Bear and her cub really close to us and we packed up our fishing gear and headed to the car. Elise caught fish and Bryce did not! Give it up for Elise, that made her two day license worth every penny. Bryce was able to meet Tim Alpers the man who started the Alpers Ranch for raising Alpers Trout and planting them in the Eastern Sierras. Bryce thought that was fun talking to Tim. We all had a good time with Family, to bad Hallie and Mike and Landon were not there Oh and Shad. The above photo is of our Family at the kids Fishing Derby, Saturday morning. That was a blast!! Lily was excited to catch her fish, but did not want to handle it when the fish was to be cleaned and brought home, although she was very protective about her fish. I am missing wonderful side notes but good time had by all.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Going to Mammoth soon can't wait !!!

I can not wait to fish in Mammoth soon. I am like a kid in a candy store, who cannot seem to get enough candy. (bummer) Well we will be doing our usual family activities fishing our favorite lakes, such as sotcher, mary and george and anything else that looks like it might have fish in it; oh yea and eating good food, maybe some light hiking. Good times to be had by all. (these photos are of sotcher lake and a man holding a very nice alpers which will be possible to catch. (Fish and game are planting plenty of Trphy Alpers between 3-10 pound range so everyone wish us luck. We will up date when we get back. Until then later fools.

Batman - Dark Knight

Eveyone must go see Batman Dark Knight this weekend so we can discuss it later

Saturday, July 12, 2008

This Blog

This blog will some highlights of my family and random things I enjoy! I hope you enjoy it!

Our First entry

This is new to us so be patient, we will not update every week, and I am not going to tell everyone about us, you should already know!