Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Reunited And It Feels So Good!

Well we are all together again whooo!! The long awaited reunion of Daddy came to pass. And boy was it a joyous occasion. Bryce has been home for just over a week now, and is slowly "reintegrating" into real life with Family in the United States. It has been wonderful, from checking out the town of Aiken, S.C. to just making fun dinners at home, and going swimming at the local pool on Post. Lily has become quite the swimmer she is a little fish. She loves the diving board and water slide. Emerson loves to take after his sister and now wants to learn to swim far, so he to can go off the diving board. We also went camping at a nearby lake, Clark Hill. Which was fun the kids Love Camping. We had a blast in the MWR family beach area, where the little fish -minnows were swimming with us. We have all been tired from having so much fun! Coming up soon we are going to Myrtle Beach for Bryce's block leave trip and Washington D.C. to see some family and see some of the Famous, U.S. landmarks. Then back to the ol' daily grind. - Oh no then it will be Birthdays Anniversary’s and Holidays oh boy. Can’t wait..... some of you have seen some of these photos, so here they are anyways. More coming soon.