Wednesday, December 17, 2008

some photos from San Francisco (a trip elise and I took)

Our Weekend getaway to San Francisco was just the two of us without the kids. We stayed in a nice hotel, and went shopping and eating at some nice eateries we found. This really good Italian seafood place we found off a local television channel (it was called something like capurros) Elise had a soup and salad, and I had some yummy gnocchi with crab. oh it was good! We did alot of walking up and down the hills. I was being kind of negative at first, but it became very fun looking at the cool buildingd, breathtaking views, and nice apartments people spend a fortune on. We had two more highlights the next day, we went to this chineese retraunt in china town that a friend up here in the foothills recommended us to go to. It was called hunan homes, the place was really good. I walked for hours after that and still felt fat!! (I did eat alot which I have not been doing lately that might have done it oopps) Elise and I found the coolest hat store and I am not one to really be into wanting hats although I could have bought a dozen, there was a variety of different types of hats. Oh elise found this linen store she was very thrilled about please help we really dont need more linen (although there were a few nice things in there). Oh I dont want to bore you besides Giradellis square (brownie sundays oh yea so good!) We had the best weekend just being together spending some time alone (sounds chessy too bad because it was the best weekend ever!!)
This was Elise near our Alcatraz look out point looking good :)

This is when Elise and I first got to San Francisco (we had a blast) she was monkey'in around...